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Antalis kjøper Lovepac Group

02 aug 2023 — nyheter

Antalis har kjøpt Lovepac Group i Canada og Mexico - en markedsleder innen spesialprodusert beskyttelsesemballasje.

Antalis har kjøpt Lovepac Group i Canada og Mexico - en markedsleder innen spesialprodusert beskyttelsesemballasje.


Bologne-Billancourt, 2. august 2023



Antalis has acquired the Lovepac Group, a Canadian market leader in the customized protective Packaging industry.

With a consolidated turnover of CAD$14.7 million (€10.1 million) and a total of 73 employees in 2022, the Lovepac Group has two locations in Québec, Canada (Montreal and Courcelles) and one in Mexico (Guadalajara).

Created in 2002, Lovepac has excelled and innovated in the design and manufacture of bespoke industrial Packaging (corrugated boxes, protective foam, bespoke wooden boxes and pallets), developing unique and specific expertise in the aeronautical, pharmaceutical, medical, food and high-tech sectors for over 20 years.

Antalis, already well established in Latin America, continues to expand its presence in the Packaging market in North America. Following the acquisition of Gosuma in Spain a few months ago, the Lovepac Group is featured as the second Packaging acquisition of 2023, joining the 2022 acquisitions of the BB Pack Group in Germany and the Cohal Group in Spain.

Commenting on this acquisition, Hervé Poncin, Chief Executive Officer of Antalis, said: “The acquisition of Lovepac is a great opportunity for Antalis to enter the North American market with further development potential in Canada, Mexico and the United States. As a Packaging distribution leader, Antalis, a member of the KPP Group, aims to reinforce its worldwide presence in order to offer the best products and services to its customers.”

“By joining Antalis, Lovepac will be able to expand its product portfolio and continue its development in North America thanks to an extended product assortment and new international customers,” added Rob Sibthorpe, President & Founder of Lovepac.



Om Antalis

Antalis er en del av den japanske konsernet Kokusai Pulp & Paper, som er verdensledende innen distribusjon av papir, emballasje og visuell kommunikasjon.

Kokusai Pulp & Paper har sitt hovedkontor i Japan og er notert på Tokyo Stock Exchange (ISIN JP3293350009) med en omsetning på JPY 563,4 milliarder* i 2022.

I Europa og Latin-Amerika er Antalis markedsledende innen B2B-distribusjon av papir- og emballasjeløsninger, samt nummer 2 innen distribusjon av medier og maskinvare for visuell kommunikasjon.

Hovedkontoret er i Paris, Frankrike. Antalis har 3 800 ansatte, 60 distribusjonssentre og banebrytende e-handelsløsninger for å betjene over 90 000 kunder i 29 land.

*ca. €4,3 milliarder


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